Prophetic Word For the Australian Church in June 2010

I serve practically full time in the prophetic with up to 50 prophetic word demands every week being taken care of by my service and numerous without anyone else’s input every week. So it is a brilliant shock by Jesus when I am in the blessing to be given a prophetic word for Australia my country. In this prophetic word for Australia Jesus expresses a few words that, well, they simply energize me to such an extent!

I, Jesus have a word for the congregation and individuals of Australia Request a prophetic word

I am the life and the way. I hold the keys to life and legitimate convention with paradise. I live to cherish and to attract all men to Myself and live to lead all men to the best possible lifestyle. Much the same as waves hitting the shoreline and retreating, so to My soul washes against the shores of the Australian church.

I have heard the calls of the Australian church. Sobs for the flame of restoration. Sobs for harmony. Sobs for solidarity. Sobs for the lost to be spared. Sobs for government. Weeps for more heavenliness in the individuals.

There are such a significant number of things that the Australian individuals need. There are such a large number of honorable things that they need and want and their petitions are arriving at the Lord of the Harvest.

I savor the experience of this sun consumed country. I get a kick out of the Australian soul and the manner in which the Australians welcome the outsider in their middle. I have a great time the administration in a significant number of your houses of worship. I am content with the individual duty of huge numbers of your shepherds. I see the petition gatherings. I see the gatherings sobbing for my flame to fall. I see the ardent supplications and ways of life of the petition warriors who have sworn anything to ensure that I resuscitate the congregation. I see the brokenness. I see a heart shouting out for harmony, and to be liberated of the Kingdom of dimness. I see the individuals of God ascending in their blessedness and their craving for change. I see the individuals of God needing more, not being happy with the present state of affairs. I see the congregation pushing ahead on a tsunami of supplication. I hear the hearts of the individuals and they are eager to see my purifier’s flame. I see the craving in the spirits. I see the assurance in those that are in petition. I see the adoration that they have for the messed up and the lost and the genuine want for change.


I will discharge a greater amount of my Holy Spirit. I will douse my kin who need me with my Spirit I will give the guidelines and the dreams I will visit you in dreams I will visit you in dreams I will visit you with flames I will visit you with godly men who are ablaze I will birth contrition in Australia I will place a longing for sacredness in my kin I will send my heavenly attendants to convict and the lead my kin I will reestablish what the beetle has eaten I will mend the land I will begin little pockets of recovery I will give my Spirit a chance to break the burdens I am discharging all the more blessing on specific pioneers I am offering my legacy to the individuals of Australia I will give you the keys to new information I favor your imaginative individuals to favor I discharge thoughts to Australian representatives I discharge manifestations I open the conduits as far as anyone is concerned I discharge My mysteries I favor the pioneers who need Me I set free my flame I state by and by

I am going to gradually carry Australia to the bubble. I am going to ascend pioneers in pockets and give them new vision, new knowledge, new blessing, new mantles, better approaches for getting things done and I am going to put My flame inside their very bones and they will be tired for holding it in. I put My words in the mouth of My kin and every one of the individuals will forecast. Put My undertakings in their brains and they will tail Me and My structures and plans. What’s more, I will lead the pioneers and they will assemble at my feet and in My essence. I will have association of pioneers and ascend new pioneers from indefinite quality.

I am ascending My prophets and My missionaries and My evangelists. I am giving a new Power and a crisp Word and new Ways of getting things done. I will give My Words to My pioneers and I will develop them like the antiquated dividers. I will wash them perfect as white day off I will develop them in My quality and lead them out with My structure and My shrewdness.

Never again will the pioneers be distant from everyone else. Never again will there be question with my anointed ones. I am discharging the prophetic at a measure as solid as Corinth. I am discharging My development as in the book of Acts.

I am not searching for a short fire. I am not searching for a short Lakeland. I am not searching for only one flame. I am going to put such a large number of flames in the land that nothing can stop them spreading and consuming. I will do a strong sign in Australia in My time and My astuteness and My ways. I am going to begin numerous flames and they will develop and spread and the individuals of God will rush to these flames and than return with new fire to their own congregation and administration.

Gracious My kin we are toward the end. We are in the absolute a days ago. I am a relentless God and view Australia I have picked you to be My kin. I have picked you to be a light on a slope. I need to illuminate you for instance of uprightness on the planet. I need to reveal My insight and my brilliance abroad your kin and your herds.

Never again will the desire for the things of this world devour your kin. Never again will TV sell you what you have to do, watch and purchase. Never again will the joys of this world hold your advantage. You will be separate and you will be heavenly to My Father. You will be my clerics and prophets. What’s more, unquestionably Moses will grin when the majority of your people burst forward in prediction. My Word will be on the lips of your youngsters and lady. Your youngsters will bring My words. Youngsters as youthful as 4 years old will bring My pledge.

Furthermore, you will hit the dance floor with Me. You will accumulate with me. You will become involved with the move. You will be My kin and I will be your God. You will spread My Word. You will quit sitting in front of the TV and proceed to impart my prophetic words to the lost. You will go angling and you will take the stinging the messed up and the destitute into your souls and homes. You will search out the lost and the grimy and smelling and you will wash them, recuperate them and help them arrive at their correct personality.

You will be referred to all through the entire world as a Holy Nation. You will light the way. You, however you are very few, will be first to get My wonder. What’s more, My greatness will ascend upon your kin. Also, the world will come and see My magnificence on you. Furthermore, my Power will be with you and you will have confidence, information and astuteness. You will manufacture houses and live in them. You will plant vineyards and drink your own wine. The countries will see you and some may murmur and others will go to your light.

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