Doing Personal Prophecy For God and Others

In the event that you have a giving heart and like to help individuals and like to empower individuals, at that point God might want you to have the endowment of prophecy with the goal that you can do personal predictions for individuals.


The inquiry is, OK prefer to favor individuals?


As an individual that had personal messages for individuals for a considerable length of time regardless it shocks me when individuals are stunned that I can do a personal prophecy. Everything began one day when I was out around evening time and Jesus instructed me to go into a McDonald’s café and tell a young lady that her mom was biting the dust as she would not like to battle her malignant growth any longer and God was just keeping her alive until the little girl acknowledged the reality and let her mom go. Personal prophecy isn’t a puzzle. There is a genuine endowment of prophecy and in the event that you approach a prophet for the blessing and truly need to be utilized by God I feel God will give you the blessing and you can forecast over individuals from that day on. Everybody in three years that have approached me to appeal to God for them have gotten the endowment of prophecy just as the two other prophetic blessings, the word of information and the word of knowledge.


Being able to get notification from God and give an individual a personal prophecy is a great thing. There such a great amount of delight to be gotten from giving along these lines. It’ not a blessing that is difficult to get and there is such a great amount of assortment in the prophetic and God has such a significant number of methods for talking. Why on the site Yahoo Answers today around evening time request personal Prophecy the Lord made them give individuals dream understandings. It was my versus the clairvoyants competing for the best answer. A third way that you can test a personal prophecy is to take it to your minister. What does your minister think? He knows you and your life and he will have the option to observe the Spirit of God talking. What does your minister think about the high and grand things that may be said in it?


I need to let you know

I have had various personal predictions over my life thus far every one of them have been right on target. I would ask propose everybody test the predictions that they get as we are advised to by Paul, however I would not encourage individuals to not search one out because of a paranoid fear of misunderstanding a personal prophecy. What is the character of the prophet that you are getting the prophecy from? Is it accurate to say that he is charging cash for his administration? Is it true that he is requesting and attempting to puff himself up in his position rather then illuminating the Lord? The character of the prophet likewise becomes possibly the most important factor.


Do you need the endowment of prophecy and the two different blessings?

Would you like to serve the Lord by giving individuals a personal prophecy at whatever point the Lord puts it on your heart? You can reach me on the site and request the endowment of prophecy and I will petition God for you.


God favor

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