More Counter-Arguments to Christian Theist Arguments

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Here’s another round of contentions agnostics can use against theists when you ask them what they accept and for what good reason or they ask you for what good reason you don’t, and why.

God’s Existence: While it probably won’t be conceivable to demonstrate Request Personal prophecy totally that God doesn’t exist, one can positively place a monstrous scratch into the likelihood that God exists. As models…

*Just saying that God exists (with no supporting in-your-face freely irrefutable proof) doesn’t make it so.

*No very close experiences with God in the Bible (Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel; Noah; Moses; Jonah, and so on.) can be autonomously confirmed by any history specialist or by some other authentic account. Truth be told no individual who related a very close experience with God would themselves be able to be truly confirmed as ever really existing. On the off chance that Adam and Eve never existed, at that point, their experience with God never occurred.

*All pictures of God are human developments. They are all man-made, none of which depend on any observer declaration. There are no photos of God; no solid accounts either.

*If God were the main god thought about that would be a certain something, yet God is only one of actually a huge number of heavenly gods all similarly considered and revered by people as smart as the people who developed and love the idea of God.

*Just saying that the Universe had a start and thusly there probably been a reason that caused that start doesn’t lead of need to the end that hence God done it. Elective clarifications do exist.

*God’s old neighborhood, Heaven, is obvious by its land/earthly or galactic/extraterrestrial nonappearance. Paradise appears to have the entirety of the real truth of Alice’s “Wonderland”.

*”In God, We Trust” imprinted on American money or as America’s saying (a moderately late expansion inside American culture regardless) is not the slightest bit genuine proof for God’s presence just like the utilization of “Maker” in America’s Declaration of Independence.

*In any content that makes reference to “God”, simply substitute “Pixie” or “Sprites” for God and the content will even now bode well. It’s simply subbing the name of one fanciful substance for another.

*If God really exists, you would anticipate a bad-to-the-bone, non-debatable proof, promptly open and accessible to all. It would be the sort of proof that God and just God – not a bogus god – could have delivered, achieved, or sanctioned. There is no such proof. On the off chance that there was, the discussion over God’s presence would have been finished up long, some time in the past.

*God isn’t the default position on any issue.

Jesus: The character of Jesus isn’t satisfactory as a feature of the other two significant Abrahamic religions. By far most of the different religions – Jesus who? So much for the supposed gigantic proof for the presence of a heavenly Jesus.

Jesus 2: Using objective intelligent thinking to legitimize the statement that Jesus existed, one could simply utilize that equivalent sane coherent thinking procedure to legitimize or even demonstrate the declaration that Sherlock Holmes existed. We ‘recognize’ what they said. We ‘realize’ what they did. The two of them show up in a real book (or on account of S.H. – books). Both have shown up in movies and plays and both have been cited widely. The two of them show up in genuine entrenched recorded settings and both perform extraordinary accomplishments inside their own specialized topics.

Profound quality: According to theists, ethical quality is gotten from God. While there are many. higher creatures (warm-blooded animals and winged animals) of which various models could be referred to. Creatures who have positively no information on God. Maybe ethical quality is absolutely a new perplexing type of natural advancement.

The Invisible Wind: When skeptics challenge theists to really show them their God – which they obviously can’t really do – theists regularly will in the general answer that agnostics can’t see the breeze yet put stock in the breeze’s presence. That contention is false and absolute hogwash. You can see the breeze. The wind is only the atoms that by and large involve the air that is moving. In the event that any of these particles happen to be noticeable, similar to water atoms as water fume that is dense into real mists, at that point you can see the breeze. Regardless, sight is only one of the five detects. You can obviously feel the breeze and hear the breeze and some air atoms, similar to ozone, have a scent that you can smell. The air is likewise made out of numerous contaminations which are obvious and have smells and they excessively are distinguishable since they also become a piece of air moving. In this way, another theist contention fails horrendously.

The Impossible Bible: Stars tumble from the sky! That is as indicated by the Bible (Matthew 24: 29; Mark 13: 25; Revelation 6: 13). Presently maybe the creators of the Biblical writings which guarantee this galactic peculiarity may have been maybe enlivened by ‘meteorites’ or meteor showers or confined meteor impacts into our environment. So cosmically uninformed individuals living a huge number of years back could be pardoned for accepting that stars were, in reality, little and moderately near Earth. Be that as it may, given the distance away the stars really are, we’re in no genuine peril of stars (plural) tumbling to Earth. Furthermore, regardless of whether one did, that would be the most important thing in the world for the genuine presence of the third stone from the Sun and the remainder of the close planetary system would be in disorganized ruins too.

The Impossible Bible 2: The Biblical warrior Joshua is related to ordering the Sun and the Moon to stop in the sky as a military strategy (Joshua 10: 12-13). While the authors of the Book of Joshua couldn’t be required to realize that the Sun and the Moon move day by day over the sky because of the turn of the Earth on its pivot (after all the Earth was the focal point of everything stopped while everything else rotated around the Earth), we know diversely today. For the Sun and the Moon to stop in the sky, the Earth would need to stop its revolution. The Earth would need to stop in a very small space. Any individual who knows anything about material science thinks about energy and rakish force. The conspicuous model we’re all acquainted with is that on the off chance that you pummel on the brakes to attempt to stop your 60 mph vehicle in a very small space, you will be tossed advances. What’s more, when you go from stopping to 60 mph as quickly as could reasonably be expected, you are tossed in reverse. Given the mass and rotational speed of Planet Earth, going quickly to zero mph would hurl everything not secured into high up into the environment if not propelled straightforwardly into space itself. The G-powers alone would have slaughtered everybody including Joshua. Truth be told the Earth itself may even have destroyed itself because of the powers in question. Regardless of how you cut up things, how you do the math, if Joshua’s story was valid, you wouldn’t currently be here. What’s more, coincidentally, no other society revealed any such an oddity. It never occurred.

The Impossible Bible 3: Jonah has a whale-of-a-story to be told, and reveal to it he does (Jonah 1: 17; Jonah 2: 1-10). On the off chance that you swallow a goldfish (a genuine prevailing fashion at once) the goldfish don’t get by to be dropped off the opposite end fit as a fiddle and swimming, a passing which would take under three days to occur, three days being the hour of Jonah’s difficulty. So on the other hand, if an incredibly, huge goldfish or only an extremely, enormous plain fish or even a marine warm blooded creature of any sort (like a genuine whale) were to swallow you, you’re not going to escape that dilemma following three days in that and live to tell the story. The Jonah story is only a whale-of-a-story, the kind of a story that anglers (and ladies) tell constantly, as about the one extremely, huge fish that escaped.

Noah’s Ark: If you look into Ken Ham’s life-sized (balanced proportion) amusement of Noah’s Ark (in Williamstown, Kentucky) with the information given in Genesis for the genuine making of Noah’s Ark, you have such a huge bay, that the Biblical record must be hogwash. The immense measure of worker hours required to fabricate Ken Ham’s Ark diminutive people anything relative recorded in Genesis. The profoundly cutting edge innovations required to build Ken Ham’s Ark predominate whatever was accessible to Noah. The equivalent applies to the vitality sources accessible to Ken Ham versus what was accessible to Noah. The expense of building Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark (more than one hundred million dollars) was so over-the-top comparative with the genuine expense of building the Ark that the genuine Ark would have been excessively expensive to Noah and his generally barely any relatives.

Noah’s Ark 2: Compare and complexity the size (zone) required and the number of creatures housed and the quantity of staff expected to take care of said creatures in 1) Noah’s Ark and 2) a normal creature park or zoo. The Ark had more creatures housed into less volume and cared for by less staff comparative with any creature park or present-day zoo. A run of the mill or normal zoo just has a few hundred creatures, several staff and covers an enormous number of sections of land. Noah’s Ark had 2 (or some of the time 7) of EVERY creature and just 8 staff? Something is peculiar someplace.

Noah’s Ark 3: While there have been many flood fantasies, those legends aren’t all-inclusive nor do they all occur simultaneously. It would likewise show up consequently that the Biblical flood occasion was simply counterfeited from the Epic of Gilgamesh which had a close to indistinguishable situation sanctioned. The remaining parts of Noah’s Ark, in spite of many asserted finds, haven’t decisively ever been found. The remaining parts of Noah’s Ark are lost without a trace. Furthermore, how did a multi-year elderly person – not 600 years old – alongside his multi-year-old children, build the Ark and deal with the entirety of the great many creature animal groups that possess Planet earth? At last, how did the platypus or the kiwi winged creature or the wild ox get to the Middle East – and get back home once more?

The End Times: Christian theists, particularly conservative fundamentalists or evangelists like previous congresswomen Michele Bachmann or ex-convict Jim Bakker, who are among a

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